November Rain

Woops, missed a month there.

I ain’t gonna apologize though because I was out there living my best life:

  • An amazing writing retreat in Ocean City with several of my VCFA classmates (writing, researching, swimming in the ocean, watching the sun rise and set, watching dolphins frolic along the coast, unexpectedly dancing the night away, taking over an arcade, night beach visits)
  • Experiencing general immersion in the too-short month of October (pumpkin shopping at local farm stands, decorating, getting my Jareth costume together for Halloween, being XTRA WITCHY, drinking cider and eating a whole lot of the best squash)
  • …also I started dating again, so, accordingly (at least when you meet someone freaking rad as hell, as I have), I’m acting like a teenager again.

HOWEVER, I have some less than exciting news: I’m utterly failing at NaNoWriMo because I still haven’t learned the thing I need to learn to write my novel. (You all know what I mean, right? There’s a core THING you need to know at least a little bit about before you can write the story, and that you usually learn a lot more about by the end.)

I don’t know what that is exactly, but I know I haven’t gotten there yet. And I don’t think novels should necessarily be about lessons we’ve learned and are now passing on to others, but my stories, by accident or by the nature of how my creative mind works (: inadvertently as a therapist for the rest of me), tend to deal with issues that are important to me, whether I realize it or not at first.

I think this is the first time I’m drafting a novel and I’m aware of how important this topic is to me on a personal, non-metaphorical level. Okay, not the topic, but the essence of the story. The full experience of the story. It touches on things that have taken me a long time to see in the world around me and within myself, but I still haven’t seen the extent of the ways in which this thing has affected me. (Sorry to be vague…I don’t want to try to explain it before it’s written in case I jinx it.)

Most of my novels turn out to be a metaphor for something I’ve experienced, even though I don’t set out with that intention. I didn’t set out with that intention for this one, either…I just realized it before I finished writing it this time.

For better or worse, a huge part of my soul goes into each novel I write. That can make criticism especially hard to take (over-identifying with one’s creative work is a surefire way to block yourself. People have a right to dislike your work, but it’s so much more damaging when you see that work as an extension of yourself.) but it also is what makes writing so fulfilling for me, and so much a part of my heart and soul.

I’ve been feelin’ my way through this novel, slowly (so slowly) but surely. I’ll get there eventually. For the first time in a long time, I’m not too worried about it. I’ve got some other writing projects that are getting my love lately, and I’ve picked up my ukulele again, and one of these days I’m actually going to start using the art supplies I bought for myself after graduation, I swear to Gourd…and that’s all good, too.

Anyway, since this has partially become an astrology blog because that’s what I’m into lately, here’s some of what’s been on my mind in that world:

TODAY, Mars enters Pisces (NOV. 15 – DEC. 31, 2018), which should be interesting. Mars is the planet of war and action, while Pisces is a mutable water sign. Some sources say this means most of us will feel pulled in a hundred different directions at once, but luckily for us artistic types, this should be a period of magical creative and intuitive inner journeying. Several articles I read on this event used the phrase “go with the flow” and damn if that hasn’t been my life’s theme/lessong to learn since August. Don’t fight it. Let the waters take you where you need to go.

TOMORROW, Venus goes direct (woot!) in Libra, so hopefully whatever tumult you experienced in love and relationships over the past month and a half will settle down as you find balance. Personally, I’ve had a grand time of it in the romantic relationship department recently, despite the retrograde, but I also did what Venus rx asked me to do, which is revisit and reflect on what love and romance mean to me. (and SO FAR SO GOOD, FRIENDS! :D)

BUT, tomorrow, Mercury also goes retrograde again. Womp womp. Remember, retrogrades aren’t the enemy, they just put a hamper on our go-go-go lifestyles, which is honestly a good thing for most of us (#sorrynotsorry to all you overachievers out there). Be patient. Don’t make hasty commitments. Be careful with how you communicate and remember to check your junk mail folder if you feel like you’re missing an email.

Mercury is a trickster god, so if you experience upheaval during this retrograde (Nov. 17th thru Dec. 8th) take a look at what area of your life is most greatly disturbed. But this is actually perfect timing with Mars in Pisces: take the time to go deep, go with the flow, explore your inner landscape, and see what happens when you slow your roll and stop to smell the autumn leaves/snow/holiday baked goods/whatever.

Anyway, I hear that 2019 is going to be a powerhouse of a year, so it’s best to get your shit together now.

Good luck, friends!