The Wilderness of Girls Preorder Links

Apparently you can pre-order The Wilderness of Girls now! Hot dog!

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A note about pre-orders: If you’re already planning on picking up a copy, pre-ordering it would be greatly appreciated! The number of books ordered early by retailers gives us an idea of whether or not folks are excited about the book. If a publisher sees lots of advance orders, it may encourage them to invest more to promote the book and to help it find even more readers.

Book Deal

I have a book deal!

It went to auction!

And we’ve already sold a bunch of foreign rights! (For some reason Brazil/Globo Livros is not listed, but we sold rights to them at auction as well!)

Click here for the emotional blog post

Click here for the real-time processing

Representation Announcement

A new “news” section, because my career finally has some:

I am delighted to announce I am now represented by Danielle Burby and Mad Woman Literary Agency!