Strength Without Hands to Smite: My ‘Strength’ Year

I had the above quote hand written on marigold construction paper, cut out, and sealed with tape on the cover of my first real "writer's notebook." I've never read the rest of the poem (or is it a ballad?). I saw the quote in a Vampire RPG book that I never actually learned how to … Continue reading Strength Without Hands to Smite: My ‘Strength’ Year

Beginnings, Endings, All the Same

I love this time of year. Not just Autumn, which is definitely THE most magical time of the year (sorry xmass), but September specifically. There's something utterly transcendant about the end of summer meeting the beginning of fall: the heat making way for wind and rain; the sunflowers yielding to the deep purples and gold … Continue reading Beginnings, Endings, All the Same