The Tyranny of Shame

A few weeks ago, I spent about 9 hours in an emergency room trying to figure out whether or not I was having a heart attack. There are a lot of reasons why I thought it was unlikely I was having a heart attack—I’m only 37, my cholesterol ratio is good, I had a full […]

Welcome, Witches!

Dear New Witches: Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of witchcraft!

November Rain

Woops, missed a month there. I ain’t gonna apologize though because I was out there living my best life: An amazing writing retreat in Ocean City with several of my VCFA classmates (writing, researching, swimming in the ocean, watching the sun rise and set, watching dolphins frolic along the coast, unexpectedly dancing the night away, […]

Burning Bright in a Garbage Fire World

I recently attended and returned from my second residency at VCFA (and my first winter residency). It was in many ways even better than the first residency, and in some ways it was less, but it was incredible to be surrounded by so many creative, insightful, inspiring people, especially after the year we’ve all had. […]

Thoughts from the Inside of an Egg

(Yeah yeah I haven’t updated in ages. 2016 sucked, end of story.) Of all the slang to come about in the last decade, “no chill” has bee the best phrase to apply to my general state of existence. I’ve always been an excitable, overly anxious person, over-thinking, over-processing, to the point of wild emotional instability. […]

The Timing of Things

Hello all! It’s been a while! Life has been life, shall we say? And let it go at that. But some exciting things have happened while I’ve been absent from this blog! I finally decided to take the plunge and apply for a few low-residence MFA programs in creative writing, specifically programs geared towards writing […]