Editing Services

What I Offer:

Developmental Editing/Manuscript Critique

Developmental Editing looks at the big picture of the story and should be done BEFORE line edits or copy edits. This kind of editing improves the content and structure of the manuscript by looking at elements of craft such as pacing, plot, characterization, voice, world building, setting, clarity, and more.

Many writers find Developmental Editing to be an essential tool for improving their own skill as a writer.

Line Editing

This is what it sounds like: line by line edits for voice, grammar, clarity, language, redundancies, etc.

Why Choose Me?

In addition to being a devoted storyteller my entire life, I also hold a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts (2018) and have been writing and publishing novels since 2010. I have also been providing editing and critiquing services to other professional and aspiring authors since 2004. Critiquing is a labor of love for me and I could not half-ass it if I tried, so can always count on my feedback to be thorough. I aim to be kind, but I will not hold back out of kindness.

What Type of Writing I Work With:

I write mostly Young Adult and Adult fiction, creative non-fiction, and short stories. I read widely and am confident that I can be of assistance with any project for ages 13 and older including memoir, literary fiction, and genre fiction. I especially like working on “weird” projects, such as: stories dealing with unusual subject matter, stories following an unusual narrative structure, or stories that challenge our expectations of storytelling. (Ambiguous endings are my favorite!)

I have mostly worked with novels and novellas, but I am open to editing essays, articles, short stories, and other odds and ends.

The Fine Print:


We can make this easy and do everything through my Fiverr gig page, OR you can contact me directly and I will invoice you. All invoices will be paid in advance of the job via Zelle or CashApp. I don’t use PayPal. Honestly Fiverr is probably the best way to do things since they hold us both accountable for the work and the payment. Request a custom gig from me and I will give you the best pricing I can based on your needs. 

Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t let me book gigs in advance, so if you need to place an order while I have other orders in the queue I will simply extend the delivery date for your custom order.

Please format your manuscript to industry standard formatting: 1-inch margins all around, size 12 font (Times New Roman is my personal preference), double-spaced, with no extra spacing between paragraphs. Please include a title page.

Please send your work as a Microsoft Word document. All editing will be done using the “track changes” function. If you don’t have Microsoft Word we can use Google docs which has a comparable editing view function.

Turnaround Time
I can generally deliver an assignment between 2 days and 2 weeks, depending on the length of the project, and how many assignments are booked ahead of you. Novels will require more time in general, but I try to get assignments wrapped up in under 2 weeks.


Receiving a critique from me is not a guarantee that you will find representation or be published. I guarantee to help you improve your manuscript, but sometimes even the best writing doesn’t get representation/sold.

All submissions are automatically assumed to be copyrighted by the author listed on the title page. I will never reproduce your words without your written permission or steal your ideas. In fact, if I feel your manuscript is too similar to something that I am currently working on, I will pass on editing it for my own good as well as yours.

If you would like to work with me or if you have any questions about what I offer, please shoot me an email at madelineclaire at gmail dot com, or contact me through my Fiverr page.

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