//13 Candles

Announcing the YA Halloween (Inaugural!) Charity Anthology:

13 candles title reveal

With original works of short fiction by:

Kathryn J. Benson
S. Carys
Jennifer Diemer 
Bridget Essex
James C. Femmer
Madeline Claire Franklin
Julia Heller
Debbie Manber Kupfer
Michael Leali
Jesse William Olson
Leslie Teel
Diane Telgen
Amanda R. Woomer

And illustrations by Laura Grace!

What’s with this whole charity anthology thing?

In an effort to make a slight positive difference in the world while providing great fiction, Unknown Press has decided to embark upon a series of charity anthologies: authors are paid a market rate for their work, and 50% of the proceeds after the fact will be donated to charity (the rest of the proceeds will cover production costs and be set aside for future anthologies, so we can donate a higher percentage to charity). For this inaugural anthology, in light of the devastation caused over the past few weeks from unprecedented back to back tropical storms, we will be donated to Global Giving, a charity that gives directly to the communities in need.

What is the Halloween Anthology?

13 Halloween-themed tales by emerging Young Adult authors, plus original illustrations by Laura Grace! Check out my blog for updates.

Want to Help?

Submissions are closed, but we could still use your help to fund the project and pay the authors (the sooner the authors get paid, the more we can donate!). There are two ways you can help us out:

1) Through the kindness of your heart!

2) A Pay-What-You-Want donation in exchange for any or all five of these festive “I Support Halloween” mini buttons!


When you click on this button it will take you to PayPal Checkout. The “Price per item” will be blank–simply fill in the amount you wish to pay/donate and continue as usual! We recommend a minimum price of $5, which covers the cost of the buttons and shipping, and leaves several dollars left over for the anthology.

Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for updates!

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