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Submissions for the YA HALLOWEEN SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY with original illustrations by Laura Grace are now CLOSED.

Illustrator and Editor as Edward and Bella, Halloween 2009

Illustrator and Editor as Edward and Bella, Halloween 2009



Halloween-centric young adult short stories of ~around~ 5,000 original words (please go a bit shorter or longer as the story sees fit!). Your story can be any genre so long as Halloween or Halloween themes are central to the story. This includes the many incarnations of Halloween throughout history (and maybe even in the future?? I don’t know! Write it!).

What are some Halloween themes? That’s really up to you! What do you think of when you think of Halloween? The thinning of the veil between worlds? Carving pumpkins? Witches gathering to invoke spirits? Getting lost in the woods? Drinking (poison) cider and eating (poison) donuts? I don’t want to be too strict or too vague here, but feel free to contact me (email below) if you have any questions.

Note: This is NOT a horror anthology, although horror stories are certainly welcome. 👻

Also note: Stories with diverse characters are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, just do it right and 🌠 don’t be tropey. 🌠


I’m not fancy, okay? And I’m not shelling out $100 for a WordPress plugin so we can do this with a submission form. (Maybe next time though. Who knows?)

Email me: madelineclaire at Gmail dot com
With the subject heading: YA HALLOWEEN ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION or something along those lines
Include in the body of your email:

  • Your best contact info and how you prefer to be contacted (texting is cool if that’s your thing)
  • Your pen name if applicable
  • A very short bio
  •  Zero information about your short story, not even the title. (I want to read the submissions blind).

Send me your story: attached to the email as an MS Word .doc (see below for more details on that), 12 point font, double spaced.

Here’s the tricky stuff, so listen up!:

  • Name the Word .doc the date of your submission. No identifying information whatsoever, not even the title!
  • Make sure there is no identifying information within the .doc EXCEPT the title.
  • Please put the title in the header of the .doc so that it repeats on every page
  • And number your pages!

What kind of $$ are we talking about here?

Authors will be paid $0.05/word, and will retain all rights to their work. They will also recieve a copy of the anthology in both print and ebook form. Additional author copies can be ordered at-cost at any time, so long as the book remains “in print.”

Also: 50% of all proceeds will be donated to a charity TBD!

(Originally, we had planned to donate to a global charity cause, but since hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas we’ve decided to shift to a domestic cause.)

Thanks for your interest!

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