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Announcing: THE HIEROPHANT Read-Along!


In preparation for The Tower’s release (August 11!), I’ve decided it might be good to have a little refresher for the first book in the series: The Hierophant. Whether you’ve read it before or are reading it for the first time, I invite you to join me in a read-along for the 15 days counting down to the release of The Tower!

How does a read-along work?

I’m glad you asked!

Below, I’ll post the schedule for the “assigned reading” each night. Starting Monday, July 27th, I’ll be posting recaps here on the blog (and possibly recordings/videos of readings by yours truly!) from the previous day’s chapters. I’ll also be dropping some truth bombs about the characters and the writing process for The Hierophant (and some of it might surprise you!).

In addition to that fun stuff, I’ll be doing an ongoing twitter Q&A! Any time you want, use the hashtag #ArcanaRA to discuss or ask questions about The Hierophant and I will be more than happy to answer!

Also, by participating in the #ArcanaRA tag, you’ll automatically be entered to win one of THREE prizes!

1) Signed copies of both The Hierophant AND The Tower

2) Signed copies of The Tower and another novel (your choice!)

3) And the GRAND prize: signed copies of The Tower + any of my other novels, AND a Pocket Rider Waite tarot deck! :D

I’m SUPER excited about this, and only wish I’d thought to do it sooner. I can’t wait to share some of the story behind the story, to chat about favorite characters and scenes (I’ve been so surprised by some of the things people have told me, about how deeply a scene or a line affected them after reading this book, and it made my little heart grow ten times its size! <3), and of course, to give away some free stuff!

The Reading Schedule

It’s a bit of a time crunch (15 days), so we’ll be averaging about 20 pages a day. And remember, feel free to @ me on twitter (@madelineclaire_) or use the read-along hashtag (#ArcanaRA) at any time with questions or comments! I’ll get back to you ASAP :)

Here is the schedule by chapters, beginning on July 26 (I’ll be posting the first recap on MONDAY, July 27!):

7/26 Chapters 1-6

7/27 Chapters 7-10

7/28 Chapters 11-14

7/29 Chapters 15-20

7/30 Chapters 21-24

7/31 Chapters 25-28

8/1 Chapters 29-31

8/2 Chapters 32-34

8/3 Chapters 35-38

8/4 Chapters 39-42

8/5 Chapters 43-47

8/6 Chapters 48-53

8/7 Chapters 54-57

8/8 Chapters 58-59

8/9 Chapters 60-63

8/10 Chapters 64-END

8/11 Happy Book Birthday, The Tower!

Thanks for joining in! See you next week!

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