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2015 Year In Review!

2015! What a Year! Let’s take a look.

As 2015 dawned, I was working full-steam ahead on a little sequel that would be known TOWER-smallas The TowerWhile that took up most of my creative attention for the first few months, come spring I found out I was among the ten incredible writers selected to attend Nova Ren Suma’s Young Adult Novel Writing Workshop at Djerassi! Basically my head exploded and I rode that high until halfway through summer. <3

In the meantime, I was finishing up edits on The Tower AND working with the incredible Maria Marquis on the audiobook version of GHOST CITY. I also started work on the novel that I brought with me to the workshop, (working title:) SAVAGE CASTLE, which I discovered was Too Fast, Too Furious a pace for me to continue with that precious gem. I know myself, I know my stories have a longer gestation period than some, and I conceived the idea and churned out the first 75 pages way too quickly (as much as I am still in love with the words I’ve written and the idea of the book) without letting all of it take firm root in my head and my heart. (Soon, though. Soon.)

ghost city audiobook imageOver summer, I attended Nova Ren Suma’s Djerassi workshop where I got to meet not only the author of my favorite YA novel to date (who is also an amazingly lovely person! Er, Nova is, not her book. That would be weird, if her book was also a person. Although…*jots down story idea*), but also nine other incredible and talented lady authors whose books I can’t wait to read when they are published! I had the thrilling, if harrowing, experience of doing my first reading (public speaking, blech), and the invaluable experience of talking about craft and industry with other authors from around the world.

Then BAM–the Ghost City audiobook was released!

BAM–The Hierophant read-along! 15 poorly planned days of insanity wherein I revealed read-along-rounded2little known facts and insights about The Hierophant, and even somehow got over my fear of being on video and posted a few vlogs where I got to read from the book and ramble about what I liked about writing it.

BAM–The Tower – Book II in the Arcana Series was released! Finally, after two years of writing and revising and editing until my brains fell out, my very first sequel was set loose upon the world.

AND THEN…rest. Lots of rest. Because it turns out I can’t keep up with the pace I was setting for myself in writing/publishing, in addition to working a full-time job.

And then…some sadness, too, because I made the mistake of comparing myself and my process and my speed of writing to that of other writers, faster writers, more accomplished writers.

And then…some writer’s block, as well, because what I want my books and my writing to be does not fit into the molds that others have shown me, and when I ignore the wild, outrageous ideas that inspire me to write, I end up listless, lost, disconnected from the story (and ignoring wild, outrageous me is specifically why I haven’t been able to work on SAVAGE CASTLE, something that’s only obvious to me now as I type this).

In short, 2015 was a very busy year that started with a bang and ended with a much-needed nap. But I’m slowly getting back on track, I think, reminding myself to trust the story, to trust the little inspirations that come along the way, and stop thinking about what one “can” and “can’t” do when writing a novel, or a sequel, or within the nebulously defined category of “young adult.”

So what am I working on, now that the bleak fog of writer’s block has finally lifted? As promised, finishing up the first draft of Book III in the Arcana Series is my main focus for the time being (when I’m satisfied with it, I will announce the title! Oooh what tarot card could it be??!!). I don’t want to be a mean author and make people wait years for another sequel. But after that, SAVAGE CASTLE has my full attention. I have…*strong feelings* about that book and, without putting too much pressure on myself, I know I need to get that novel written, for myself, as much as for my career.

It’s true, those novels are two utterly different creatures, but they both possess a different part of my heart. And I dare to hope that, someday, they might touch the hearts of a few other people, too.

So that’s it for 2015! Happy New Year everyone! May 2016 be a year of incredible stories for all of us. :)


Day 12 of The Hierophant Read-Along! Chapters 48-53, plus a video!

Day 12

read along

Welcome to day 12 of The Hierophant read-along! Check out this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #ArcanaRA :D

* * *

So! Much! Happening! Did you read last night? :D

Recap! Chapters 48-53:

Chapter 48: Ana takes Faye and Kyla to the Crimson Oak, where they will be safe from the other Irin and any Sura milling about. They come up with a bad plan, which is that Ana and Kyla will go to Sheol to rescue Trebor with the help of Trebor’s psychopomp friend, Lykos.

Chapter 49: Ana and Kyla have a heart-to-heart <3

Chapter 50: Ana has an important (to the series as a whole) but upsetting dream about seeing the Devil on the Hierophant’s throne.

Chapter 51: Meet Lykos! The cowboy psychopomp! The Crimson Oak gives Ana and Kyla gifts: a protection amulet and a dagger. Ana gives Kyla both items, assuming her magic will be enough protection for herself. Faye translates Trebor’s “magic words” that always seemed to make Ana calm down enough to use magic: ahuvati shell, salah. Loosely, it means be at peace, my beloved. (Ooooh!) Lykos opens a doorway in the fabric of reality, and takes them to Sheol.

Chapter 52: They arrive in Sheol and take in all it’s red, dusty, cracked-earth wasteland glory. Ana uses magic–the dark magic of Sheol, which is difficult to handle–to figure out what direction to travel in to find Trebor.

Chapter 53: Kyla thinks Ana is in love with Trebor. The three of them are confronted by a group of Zee–human-looking Sura of ill repute.

* * *

And now, the second-to-last video of The Hierophant Read-Along, guest starring Rusty, AKA: Boof, AKA: Lord Boofington!

PS: sorry about the weird audio on the first part…I didn’t catch that until it was too late :p

* * *

That’s all for today! Feel free to chat with me on Twitter, or use hashtag #ArcanaRA to join the conversation and automatically be entered to win some free books, and maybe a pocket tarot deck!

Until tomorrow!



Tomorrow: Chapters 54-57!