The Tower – Book II in the Arcana Series

Ana Flynn just made a deal with the Devil, but she hasn’t lost her soul—yet.

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In exchange for bringing her best friend back from the dead, Ana has no choice but to return to the hellish world of Sheol—a world that has been the backdrop to all of her nightmares since she narrowly escaped it, well over a year ago. But this time, Ana is trapped in a sentient prison school that defies the laws of space and time, a place her new demonic classmates call the Tower. And once you enter the Tower, there is only one way out: graduation.

While Ana wants nothing more than to return to what’s left of her life back home, her freedom can only come at a price: in order to graduate, she must find a way to face her greatest fears, and embrace the dark magic of Sheol—a magic that will transform her, forever.

Ana was human when she entered the Tower. Will she leave a monster?

In this dark, stunning sequel to The Hierophant, the stakes are higher than ever before as Ana returns to the underworld of the Arcana to meet her own demons, face to face.

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