Short version: I write novels! It consumes me! :D

Long version: I was born (two weeks late) in Buffalo, New York during the exciting time in American history known as “The 80s.” It was the decade that gave us such things as the mullet, the moonwalk, and the unfortunately not-well-thought-out hypercolor clothing, among other wonders. I don’t remember much of it, and most of what I think I remember usually ends up being from “The Early 90s.”

This is seriously the first image that comes up when I google "the early 90s"

This is seriously the first image that comes up when I google “the early 90s”

Despite the fact that my parents met while in a religious cult, my childhood and family life was pretty normal and uneventful I think, at least in terms of what some other people consider normal. I had a nuclear family and attended public school. But my mother is also a doctor of holistic medicine (which means I haven’t used fluoridated toothpaste since 1995), and my father owns an organic lawn care company (which means when other kids were writing essays on recycling during Outdoor Education Week, I was writing about the horrifying effects of pesticides and herbicides on squirrels.)

Hipster says: We were buying organic before it was cool.

I spent most of my youth hanging out with my besties in the woods, hoping to discover a dead body. One time, at a Halloween party/sleepover after using a Ouija board, my friends and I experienced a genuine mass hallucination of a (what I can only assume was spirit-possessed) busted porcelain clown doll standing in the doorway, blocking both entrance and exit. In later years we chose to have 2 am roadside (or center) tea parties instead of mass hallucinations.

All in all, I think I turned out pretty all right.



Currently, I’m pursuing my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at the Vermont College of Fine Arts (Class of 2018, July!).


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