Day 13 of The Hierophant Read-Along! Chapters 58-59, plus an embarrassingly poorly made film!

Day 13

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Welcome to day 5 of The Hierophant read-along! Check out this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #ArcanaRA :D

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Did you do the reading?! :D

RECAP: Chapters 58-59!

Chapter 58: Ana and Trebor return to Iritz and Trebor is freaking out because of the nightmares he was having in Sheol about Ana dying. They kiss–they tell each other they love each other–they realize it’s pretty much impossible to be together. Kyla joins them just in time for Raven to show up and try to take control–then hellhounds join the party and Ana and Kyla have to run off with a random Irin to protect her from skinwalkers but THEN they run into the creepy old Zee lady who is pissed because Ana killed her son, and they’re running through downtown past city hall and they see Andy, and Kyla flags him down but Andy slits Ana’s wrist??? And Kyla…well, it’s hard to describe what Kyla does, but it certainly seems like she goes supernova and somehow uses magic to force Ana to run to safety.

Chapter 59: Ana is bleeding to death on the steps of a cathedral. She starts yelling at the Universe, and just before she passes out Trebor finds her, and heals her, which means they legit have that havati bashrat bond Trebor was talking about. Andy shows up, and he’s clearly possessed by a skinwalker, who he apparently made a deal with a while ago. But the skinwalker wants Ana, and the Zee have Kyla, and now Ana has to make a trade.

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Fun facts!

-I tried to make the chase through downtown Buffalo as accurate as possible, but there has been so much construction in the past few years that it’s totally inaccurate now. Especially at the waterfront, where chapter 60 will take place–that’s been completely restructured. But there is in fact a cathedral down that way made from red Medina sandstone which is where I imagined Ana bleeding to death. :D

-Before writing this, I was in a Film 101 class and made a silent movie downtown that was basically just a guy running from demons. It’s terrible, and all of the film ended up so ridiculously over-exposed because some know-it-all jerk face I may have been dating at the time was responsible for taking light meter readings. The whole thing ended up being a huge joke (the pretentious French title translates poorly to “Thriller” and for some reason the protagonist blames President McKinley for his troubles) but I will link you to that movie now because I think it’s funny. Also it has a few good (but waaaay over exposed) shots of downtown Buffalo.

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

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That’s all for today! Questions? Feels? Use hashtag #ArcanaRA to join the conversation and automatically be entered to win some free books, and maybe a pocket tarot deck!



Tomorrow: Chapters 60-63!

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