Day 9 of The Hierophant Read-Along! Chapters 35-38

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Day 9read along

Welcome to day 2 of The Hierophant read-along! Check out this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #ArcanaRA :D

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Recap! Chapters 35-38

Chapter 35: Ana and Kyla have a fight! Because Ana has been sketchy and absent lately, and Kyla wants her best friend around because Kyla is a senior and she’s going to college in the fall and it’s the end of an era and Ana is nowhere to be found! But Ana promises to explain everything…soon.

Chapter 36: Magic training! Ana defeats a Sura. They walk back to Ana’s house and Trebor explains how life in Shemayiim is kind of crappy, and how the Malakiim have forbidden the races/species to interbreed. He tells the story of an *Malakiim who fell in love with a Sura, and had his child, and then gave away her immortality when the Malakiim hunted them down, so that her lover and child could go on. She was killed, but the Malakiim could not destroy the other two–and they’ve been sealed up in a tower in Sheol, ever since. They have a nice heart-to-heart and then BAM something crazy happens in the sky and they run the rest of the way home!

Chapter 37: Ana is a little freaked out that something was scary enough for Trebor to make them run home. She feels like it’s going to be impossible to ever feel safe again, especially once Trebor goes home. Trebor tells Ana he has to go check out whatever that was that fell from the sky, but promises he’s not leaving leaving. Besides, he’s taking Ana to the spring formal!

Chapter 38: Ana wakes to a series of texts from Trebor explaining that he’s going to be gone for a few days, but he promises to come back. Abe confronts Ana about her failing Chemistry grade, says she’s been acting weird lately. He’s surprisingly cool about her failing a class, but he’s more sad that she might have been lying about Trebor being her tutor, and Ana has to insist that they aren’t dating. Her father says he’s going out with some guys from work that night, but Ana gets it out of him that he’s meeting a lady–his first date, or anything resembling a date, since Karanina died. With everything else going on, Ana has no idea how to react.

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Important to note: SO MUCH RELEVANCE to things that happen in The Tower! :D

-In Chapter 36, Ana makes a statement about using people as anchors so that she doesn’t float away. Well…what does this say about her own place in her universe? This is at the core of her journey in The Tower.

-In Chapter 37, when it becomes more and more obvious that Trebor is not here for Malakiim nonsense, he tells the story of the Malakiim who fell in love with a Sura. This is VERY important in The Tower!

-I can’t say exactly what to keep an eye out for without it being a little spoilery, but Chapter 38 has a lot of interesting details that are VERY RELEVANT even though they seem like casual observations.

Just one fun fact for today!

-I totally make a Return of the Jedi reference in chapter 36, and I giggle every time I read it.

Han Solo: “I don’t know, Chewie…fly casual!”

Ana: “Okay. Focus…casually.”

A tiny bit of a stretch, but Ana would never have said “Focus…casual.” ;D

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