The Hierophant Read-Along: Recap! Chapters 11-14, friendship love, and a video!

Day 3

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Welcome to day 3 of The Hierophant read-along! Check out this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #ArcanaRA :D

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Woot! Day 3! Magical number 3! Did you read last night? :D

RECAP: Chapters 11-14

Chapter 11: The memory of the man in the cemetery, and the man with flashing eyes, and the wild rushing feeling in Ana’s blood are all driving her nuts, and playing her violin isn’t cutting it, so she goes outside in the middle of a rainstorm and sprints around her neighborhood to let loose. But Ana runs into a Sura on the way home, and it knows her name

Chapter 12: On the run from the Sura, Ana collides with Trebor just outside her house. How embarrassing. Except–wait–did Trebor’s eyes just flash like a cat’s? Like the creep who ran into her on the street the other night? Like the guy who might or might not have been the shadowy figure from the cemetery They totally did. It’s totally him. What’s going on?

Chapter 13: Ana goes over to Kyla’s house to help her prepare for the house party Kyla is throwing tonight. They go up into Kyla’s attic and Ana has major nostalgia feels about when Kyla used to fight with her mom about the identity of Kyla’s father, and when Ana used to cry her heart out about her mother wasting away from chemo. Kyla gives her an old red, wooden box that Ana’s mother left with Kyla’s mother for safekeeping, with the instruction that it be given to Ana when she’s done with school. It won’t open–in fact, it’s impossible to open.

Chapter 14: At the party that night, Ana is awkward as usual, especially when Andy starts making small talk about her heritage, and her mother’s people. He is apparently interested in traveler culture–he’s something of an armchair anthropologist, you might say. But he’s digging for information, and given that everyone else at school has only ever made fun of Ana’s “gypsy” heritage, it makes Ana suspicious.

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Things to notice:

-Kyla’s mom…she seems cool enough in Ana’s memories, but where the hell is this woman that she’s not around to stop her kid from practicing witchcraft and throwing house parties? (Not that anyone should stop their child from practicing witchcraft… *clutches crystals and tarot deck*)

Some fun facts!

-Inspiration for the box: my grandmother gave me a trick box when I was a kid that I only ever opened once. I forgot how the “trick” part worked, and no one else could figure it out.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-In the ORIGINAL draft of The Hierophant, Kyla’s girlfriend Vanessa was Ana’s best friend. WHAT? Yes. We didn’t meet Kyla until this party (that was actually a school dance in the original draft), and when I wrote her I immediately fell in love with her, and knew she was Ana’s real best friend.

* * *

Here’s a video of me reading a bit from Chapter 13, and talking briefly about FRIENDSHIP LOVE. (Sorry the end is a little rushed, my laptop battery was dying…)




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Tomorrow: Chapters 15-20!

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