THE TOWER Update and a New Project Revealed!

Happy May everyone!

I was really hoping I could have a release date and a cover reveal for you by now, but unfortunately my scheming and scheduling were interrupted by a mini-plague that had me too brain-foggy to finish revising THE TOWER. You see, the plan was to put THE TOWER aside come May 1st, all nice and neat and mostly finished, and start working on my next novel immediately. This is the novel I intend to bring to the YA Novel workshop with Nova Ren Suma at Djerassi this summer. It’s the novel I’ve been itching to write for weeks now. It’s the novel of which I need to have 75 pages completed and ready to submit to my fellow workshoppers come May 21st.


I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, for fear that my peers will realize I’m a big faker who is absolutely unprofessional to think she can crank out 75 pages in 21 days that would be good enough for a workshop like this. And they’d be right, I knew 21 days was a tight squeeze to begin with, but I work well under pressure. I like the pressure. It lights a fire under my butt and helps to silence the evil inner editor forever asking “but is that original enough?” “but is that going to change someone’s life?” “but is that PROBLEMATIC?”

So the tight squeeze is no problem. And, let’s remember, GHOST CITY was written in six weeks once I sat down and wrote past the second chapter, and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. The plan for these pages was good: I didn’t need a whole novel in 21 days, I just needed 75 pages and some revision. Not a problem. Exciting, even!

But then the plague happened, and all I could do was sit in the sun and nap, like a giant stuffy-headed house cat, and when I wasn’t napping I sure as hell couldn’t focus long enough to revise or write a novel. I lost six days. Six precious days! And now I have 15 days to write 75 pages which according to standard agreements are 250 words each making it an approximate total of 18,750 words–about 1,250 words a day–that’s almost NaNoWriMo levels of madness! Plus, these have to be good words.

So, unfortunately, I can’t announce a release date for THE TOWER just yet–I refuse to do that until I have a finished manuscript ready to go to proofreaders, because I hate the idea of making a promise and not delivering. And along those same lines, without a release date I can’t comfortably do a cover reveal. Which saddens me to NO END because I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of these covers (ebook and print!).

But, one way to help me write 18,750 words in the next 15 days is to share my excitement over this new YA novel with all of you, so I’m going to do the unprofessional (or “unprofesh” as the cool kids say) thing and tell you the working title so I can start tweeting about it! :D










savage castle


I can’t give too much detail on what it’s about, but it’s going to be what I do best: dark, unusual, a little bit magical, and (hopefully) totally unexpected.

BUT if you really want me to tease you, here are some words that help give you the flavor of what this novel is all about:

  • Feral
  • Girls

And that is all I am going to give you today.


MoJo-JoJo sums up my life.

So if you see me freaking out on Twitter between now and May 21st about something called #SavageCastle, now you (sort of) know what I’m referring to! :D

Have a great week!

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