Happy Equinox!

Fall is here! Fall is here! Everyone get out your apple cider and donuts and pumpkin spice lattes and cool scarves and light sweaters…and celebrate!

Fall is such a magical season. The magic is different from the magic of spring and summer–here it turns from the high energy and boundless possibilities of the warmer months to something more mysterious. The energy of the season slowly turns our focus inward, towards comfort, rest, and contemplation.

But we are not resting just yet. Winter may seem like it’s just around the corner, but there are many weeks before the deep cold permeates our bones and draws us down to the dreamtime. These days, I am trying to tie up all of my loose ends before the Holiday Season approaches, like a kind of Fall Cleaning–finishing writing projects and home improvement projects, even addressing life situations and concerns that I’m hoping to change for the better.

Fall Cleaning is a different thing from Spring Cleaning, too. Spring is a time of purging and renewal, and fall…well, fall is a time of ending. I’ve been looking long and hard at a lot of habits, situations, and beliefs in my life that no longer serve me. A big belief that I’m learning to let go of is that I must *always* be working, that every minute wasted is an act of irresponsibility, and if I don’t amount to anything in life it can surely be blamed on those hours I wasted knitting instead of writing (bleary-eyed and exhausted).

I have been working QUITE A LOT over the last few months since I was fired from my day job. I can safely say that I have never worked harder in all of my life, and I have plenty to show for it, plenty to be proud of. I don’t have what looks like “success” to others, but I’m happy with all of it, and where it’s leading. And that’s another habit I’m letting die off with the fall leaves: letting my concern over what other people might think of me influence my choices in life, whether big or small.

And then there is this one major thing I’m ending: I’m no longer going to hold myself to standards above and beyond what I hold any other person to. I’m going to be as fair, and kind, and compassionate with myself as I would be with my best friend. I’m going to be as caring, and encouraging, and supportive as I would be with another human being. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves the way we treat others, don’t you?

So what about you guys? What are you bringing to a joyous conclusion this fall?

Enjoy the changing leaves!


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