Under Construction

So long story short I’ve been trying to transfer to a new host for my website, and in the process I accidentally deleted my website forever! And then, like some kind of magic, it reappeared this morning. This is impossible, because all the files were hosted on one host, and the domain is actually hosted on another (the new one). But somehow, the website and the wordpress dashboard suddenly still existed.

Not taking chances, I exported EVERYTHING from wordpress. And just now, everything went back to making (some) sense and the old website vanished (again). But I was able to import almost everything from the wordpress export! Most of the images failed to import, so all my old posts are going to look a bit wordy and barren, and I’ll have to re-do the book page. But I will take that over losing ALL my blog entries from the past 2 years.

Meanwhile, the site is under construction! I hope you’ll bear with me while I find a new look for the site.

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