I know, I know, it’s been a very long time since I posted. Blah blah blah, [reasons that kind of suck]. But things are a-changin’! Hence the blog post title!

I’m going to have to change the name of this blog, because I’m not going to be a writer by night any more in a few weeks: I’m cutting my day job hours in half and writing DURING THE DAY. Wonder of wonders!

How am I doing this? I’m investing my life savings in myself and my career. Call me crazy and irresponsible, but I’m doing it. Why am I doing it? Because I have been murdering myself the past few years, creatively, spiritually, emotionally, and in some ways physically. I’ve been conforming to societal standards and norms and values that I’ve never agreed with. What the fuck, Self? It’s time to stop doing that shizz. It’s time to start listening to and following my heart.

What can you expect from these changes?

Well, in all likelihood, at the very least you can expect more activity here on (the blog formerly known as) Writer By Night. I’m going to be writing more, which means I’ll be thinking about writing more, which means I’m going to want to tell you my thoughts about it, because I get really excited about writing and all it’s weird nuances and processes.

I’m also going to be publishing more, though I can’t give you time lines yet (I need to hear back from a lot of people before any firm plans are made). I do promise that, one way or another, there will be news about a certain young adult contemporary fantasy trilogy mentioned on my Books page. And there may be some free short stories going up eventually. We shall see.

My new, no-longer-writer-by-night life technically begins on March 25 with my first day on a part time schedule at the day job. Until then, I will be preparing mentally and spiritually, planning my schedule (complete with artist dates to refill the creative well as I draw from it more regularly), tackling some revisions on my current manuscript, and possibly outlining a proposal for a documentary. Possibly. I will also be baking and cooking a lot of delicious and healthy things, because I’ve recently discovered a love of crafting (and eating!) grain-free sugar/sweetener-free recipes. Maybe I will make a special category for food posts. I don’t know how many of you give a damn about my healthy baking/cooking escapades, though.

I think “escapades” is my new favorite word.

Spring is almost here!

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