Falling into Place – or, What I Learned at the Backspace Writers Conference, Part 1

I’m back from NYC! And better than ever! Seriously!

I had such an amazing time at the Backspace Writers Conference, even though half the time my heart was hammering around in my throat and at certain points I actually worried I was going to pass out (there was public speaking involved, and I feared it greatly). But I learned so much. Not necessarily anything terribly new, but just being there and in that atmosphere, saturated with professionalism and stubborn hope and cold reality… all the things I learned in the past that had been floating around in my head as general knowledge? They finally seemed to click.

I don’t know what it was, because in all honesty I didn’t hear anything new at the conference–I just heard it differently. The difference, I suppose, was that I wasn’t just reading it on a blog somewhere. I was seeing it in action, hearing it live from the mouths of agents, editors, authors. It was more real, more immediate.

On top of that, I had the priceless experience of having my intuition validated on a plethora of topics regarding my own writing and query letter, and the way I’ve felt and seen that the industry works. After this workshop (which I was actually led to by my intuition), I trust my own instincts now more than ever, and will never ignore that nagging little voice in my head, or the awkward feeling I get at points when I read over something “almost there.” Sure, it might technically work, but does it work? (Or werk, if you’re sassy)

But there were a lot of good, concrete points I came home with (furiously scribbled on hotel stationary and all over my writing samples). This week on the blog, I’ll be sharing the revelations I felt were most significant, and some tips on how to make the best of future Backspace conferences.

Stay tuned!

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