So you may have noticed a change in the name and layout of the blog. I decided to get back to the roots and original point of it: this blog is supposed to capture my journey as an author, the ups and downs, the lessons learned, the way my life changes and re-forms as I pursue a career in publishing.

I mentioned a while back that I might not be updating here very often any more, but I think that if I go back to these roots–and my own personal roots–it isn’t so. I want to capture this journey, the highs and the lows. I haven’t been faithful to that desire, because I have worried about the face I present to the public at large (if I admit I don’ t know what I’m doing, won’t people think I’m stupid? etc.). But I remembered, recently, “all the f**ks I do not give,” to quote a currently popular meme. So getting back to basics here, I kind of want to re-start–to reintroduce myself and where I’m at in all of this.

So: my name is Madeline. I’ve been a storyteller forever, and a writer since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I’ve been writing novels since I was 11, and trying to get novels published since I was 20. This past winter, I finally decided to take back the reigns of my writing career and stop waiting around for other people to approve of the marketability of my work. Using all that the internet and my experience and education had to offer me, I self published my novel The Poppet and the Lune, an original fairytale about a patchwork girl and a boy who cried wolf. It has magic and adventure and danger and love, and all the good things a fairytale should have.

I haven’t been “successful” as a self published author in the way you may look for evidence of success. I haven’t broken the top 10,000 on Amazon in any category, on any list. Most people have no idea my book exists, because marketing for me has been a great challenge (I work full time and have little to no access to the internet/social networking during that time, except on good days when the boss is gone and phone reception exists). But, of the few hundred people who I have reached, not a single one has given me a bad review.

In fact, all of my reviews have been quite glowing. Pretty flattering, actually.

I sell a small average of books every month, but that’s okay. I’m working on the marketing side, and hoping it picks up steam. But in the meantime, I’m also trying to put out more content. Still, I’m a slow writer–I’ve come to accept that I probably can’t write, edit, revise, and publish a whole novel in under a year, especially given the fact that my novels tend to be between 80,000-150,000 words.

I have not given up on traditional publishing. However, I have raised my standards about what I’ll accept when the opportunity comes around. When I’m done with my current WIP I’ll be submitting it to the agents that I like best after some thorough research. If they decline, then I’ll self publish it. Simple. I’m not in this for fame and glory and money, even though I would like to make a living from telling stories. I do not write to make my stories sell the most, or appeal to the largest audience. I write because I love it, and because I’m driven to write, and because if I don’t I fall apart inside and out.

Personal things I know I need to work on:

  • consistent content (here, tumblr, etc.)
  • marketing without shame
  • creativity in marketing

Current published work:


So that is me, and where I’m at as an author and in my publishing career. Nice to meet you!

I’m looking forward to this new blog beginning ;)

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