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So one of the social networking sites I had some high hopes for just before I was blocked at work is tumblr. I really love this site. I don’t know why, maybe I’m seeing it totally wrong, but it seems like even though I have my full name up there it’s a bit more anonymous, and even though a lot of the interaction I see on there is from strangers, it’s a bit more intimate. When I have the time I like to post images on there that inspire me for my books, and write a short scene to go with them. Of course I post quotes, too, and things that I find funny, maybe a little offensive even (in a fun way! :P). 

Last spring I found myself getting nostalgic, and I thought tumblr was the perfect outlet for that kind of randomness–the posts were too long for regular social media, and too unimportant for my Livejournal, and too intimate for my blog. So I began making “Random Memory” posts, posts that were a lot of fun to write, creatively fulfilling, and seemed to make a lot of people happy (I really had no sense of how tumblr connected people until total strangers found my posts and favorited them, and then I checked them out and loved their tumblrs too). Of course, not having internet access here at work and being busy all summer at home with moving, I stopped posting those. But I was stuck getting my oil changed for an hour the other day and posted another random memory, and immediately people found it and read it and liked it.

I like that–it totally gratified my ego ;) I like that on tumblr I can write things down that are worth sharing with the world, things that people appreciate, and can find relative to whatever they’re in the mood to find searching from their dashboards. I like that, even though I’m posting about my own memories, it feels less narcissistic than just rambling my thoughts out on this blog. I suppose it is still narcissism, but I don’t think anyone can deny that blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all inherently narcissistic activities to engage in. I guess through tumblr I’ve found it to be more of a creative community, where I’m actually sharing something people might enjoy seeing.

So, what I’m trying to say is, I found a way of being present on the internet that is not only creatively satisfying, but seems to get a response from people. And even though the first pro is the most important, it’s nice to think that maybe, just maybe, I can do a little marketing without actually selling anything–I’m just being myself, and not forcing myself to post deep-thinking thoughts, or cleverly headed posts listing “[number of] things to know/do/be/see/read/think about in order to/before [goal to achieve].” (I’m sorry, but does anyone else find those subject headings transparent yet? Not to mention totally misleading.)

So I will still update here of course, but this is probably going to become more of a web site than a blog. This space is likely going to be used only for news announcements. In the meantime, if you want you can follow me on tumblr for a more creative kind of blogging :)

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