Stuff and Nonsense

Here’s some random news!

-I’m gonna be an auntie! My LLHB’s wife is about 12 weeks along, and the doctor says all is well. I think “Aunt Madeline” sounds so elegant… now how can I corrupt this child from accross the country?

-We bought a house, and we’re moving at the end of the month! Packing has begun. I am intimidated by the amount of stuff we have in our little 2 bedroom apartment. I’m hoping to use this move as an excuse to get rid of a lot of it. Good Will, expect many an over-stuffed bag in your drop-off bins these coming weeks.

-But more importantly, I’m picking out paintchips! Purple orange and green for the first floor. Cringe all you like, you will love it when I post pictures in a month! We’re also doing the bedroom a really really dark purple, and I’m painting my office shades of teal. Mmmm colors.

-I’ve been faithful to my WRITE EVERY DAY IF YOU WANT TO WRITE ALL THE THINGS philosophy/determination. I’m freaking in love with this book, even though it’s dark and hard and complicated. Writing The Hierophant was pure joy, and writing its sequel, The Tower, is a totally different kind of joy. It’s like the satisfaction of a long-term relationship versus a fling. Kind of fitting, because I wrote The Hierophant after I broke up with my last boyfriend, and I’m writing The Tower while I’m happily married to my soul mate :) I love it so much, I might be at that point where I feel like posting snippets for you to read ;D

-Speaking of marriage, it’s our first wedding anniversary on the 21st, and I have NO IDEA what to get him/do for the event. He told me he’s writing a poem for me, which is like the sweetest thing in the WORLD because he is totally a blocked a writer and claims he hates to write. Anyway, as it is we’re spending that weekend in Pittsburgh because it’s also my brother’s birthday that day and we usurped it last year when he turned 30 (and we got married). It’s the paper anniversary, too, so I want to find something within that scope… I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

-We’re planning a trip to the West Coast! I think we might just take a whole week off, because we want to visit Jared’s grandfather in Las Vegas, and my brother in San Diego, and if it’s possible meet up with my friend Heather who lives in Camarillo, at some point. We’re looking at mid-October, probably before or after Columbus Day weekend. I’m excited, it’s my first time out there aside from the week I spent in Arizona a few years ago. Travel, hooray!

Everything is exciting. I love this time of year. I love this time of life! Everyone who says on your 21st birthday “It’s all downhill from here!” is full of shit, because my life has only gotten better and better and better, pretty much every year since then. 21 was a terrible year for me. It was the end of a long run of terrible years. And here I am now, 26, and good riddance to all those terrible years I say, because life is awesome, and only gets awesomer.

Yes, that’s a word. Because I said so.

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