-Congratulations to Amanda Brummer! (Who, I have to say, has an eerie combination of two of my childhood friends’ names…) Expect your books and the print of Plamena Doycheva’s artwork  by the end of next week! :)

-For the rest of you who entered, remember that the papberback version of The Poppet and the Lune is on sale for $10.99 until July 5th! (ish. Createspace sometimes takes a while for changes to kick in.)

-If you missed it, there are two new reviews up of TPaL! One is over at A Bookworm’s Shelf, and the other is at Carabosse’s Library, and both of them are making me smile all week even though I had to go back to work yesterday after a full (and glorious) week off. 

-On the writing front, I’ve sent my draft of my upcoming novel, The Hierophant to my editor (boy doesn’t that make me sound all professional! *puffs up self-importantly*), so in the meantime I’m working on its sequel, The Tower. (HONESTY TIME: I’m nervous about this series, mainly because they are SO DIFFERENT from TPaL that I worry I’ll let you all down. But I love these books too, and though they might not end up being as classic and timeless as TPaL, they are still a lot of fun, full of a lot of good ideas and lovable characters. Plus they’re kind of epic, and who doesn’t love a good modern epic fantasy?)

That’s about it for today! I think since I’m working overtime all week there will be a second, more blog-like entry before Friday comes. Hope you all have a lovely week :)

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