Love Indie Books? Here’s How You Can Help.

So let’s say, for the sake of this post, you read my book, or another indie author’s book, and you loved it–or maybe just liked it enough to think “I hope this author is successful, I’d like to read more by her/him.” You may know that, as independently published authors, we don’t have a NYC publishing house at our backs putting money into our endeavors to become successful authors, speaking to their People In High Places on our behalf, backing us with promotional materials, or covering the cost for review copies, award entry fees, advertising, and so on (maybe you didn’t know. Now you do! :D). So, maybe you’re interested in doing something big or small to help an independent author get a leg up in the publishing world?

Well, here’s a list of things you can do to help!

  • Word of mouth. Think about it–most books on your To-Read List are probably there because someone else told you how much they enjoyed it.
  • Write a review. For the independent author, our readers’ reviews are invaluable for generating more sales, or even potentially landing us an agent or a book deal. has a place for rating and reviewing every book it sells, and while you’re at it, if you love sharing your reading list with others, is a site built on reading, rating, and reviewing books.
  • Give me feedback. If you didn’t like something about my writing but didn’t feel you could leave an honest review without potentially hindering future sales, let me know. Indie authors do their best to make their work perfect before it hits the shelves, but we’re always growing as writers, as are all authors.
  • Offer to host or interview me on your blog. If you have one, and, you know, if you do that kind of stuff. Most authors love to talk about their inspiration, their process, their favorite part, their favorite kind of pizza toppings…
  • Put an excerpt of my book in the back of yours. If we share a genre, chances are pretty good we might share audience members, and chances are even better that we can grow our audience size by sharing each others work with our established audience.
  • Buy the book. If you received a free copy and really enjoyed it, consider purchasing a copy to support the author as she writes more books you will potentially enjoy as well.
  • Give it as a gift. Spread the love! Some of the best fiction I’ve read has been books given as gifts that I otherwise may have never heard about.
  • Ask for it at your local library or independent bookstore. Chances are they won’t order it themselves, but if they see people know about it and are interested, they’ll probably start keeping a few copies on the shelf. Then the browsers will have a little indie treat in store for them next time they stop by for a new book!
  • Share the author’s other content. Most authors keep a blog and have a twitter account. Some of them write things that are interesting that you might consider sharing with your friends on Facebook or your followers on Twitter. Sometimes they might announce a coupon, a contest, or a new publication. If you can help spread the word on the internet, you can help that indie author reach tons of new people who might have otherwise missed out on their book.

These are just the things I could come up with this morning. If you think of any other ways people can help their favorite indie authors, feel free to post them in the comments below, and I’ll happily add them to the list.

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Thanks! (And feel free to share this post ;D)


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