10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

I’ve been adjusting again, this time to “summer hours” at work. Instead of working 8:30 to 5 every day we’re now working 8:30 to 6 Monday through Thursday, and getting out at 12:30 on Fridays. It’s pretty sweet, except that somehow that extra time off turns into running errands instead of writing, like I’d wanted. :p But it’s okay. Lots of contrast in life makes for a better fantasy in my head. I look forward to the day when I can write full time from home.

As far-fetched as that sounds to some, I’m optimistic. I’ve “got my eye on the prize,” so to speak. Actually, on a lot of prizes. I’d say that kind of thinking has gotten me quite a few prizes, too: a mind-blowingly amazing marriage, five months abroad in the UK, a month in Costa Rica, and, oh yeah, a published novel, and the brilliant network of writerly friends and supportive family who helped to make that possible. But there are some more immediate things I’m looking forward to experiencing which I’d like to share with you : )

Things I’m Looking Forward To: (List 1, in no particular order)

  1. Vacation, vacation, vacation! I have a week off this month, which I’ll be using to clean house and write novels. Actually, revise The Hierophant and write The Tower. Then, husbern (yes, that’s “husband”) and I are going camping 4th of July weekend in Allegany State Park. I expect to be leisurely soaking in a creek while building towers from rocks, hiking valiantly up mountains, through virgin forest, commanding fire demons to leap from the logs, and roasting many a marshmallow.
  2. Meeting the LLHB (Long-Lost-Half-Brother). Sierra’s coming with his wife in the middle of July. This has been an adventurous/tumultuous year for my family, and I hope we all get along. He seems like a great guy. I also hope he might be willing to put his tattoo art skills to use and help me with some cover-art for the ARCANA trilogy… heheheh…
  3. Salem. Salem doesn’t go under “Vacation” because it’s more like a pilgrimage. I’ve been every year for the past… five? Six? I don’t know any more. Every summer, though, the BFF and her wife and I go there to walk the cobblestone streets, ride out onto the ocean, wander the ghost towns, and soak in the magic of Massachusetts. Salem, Gloucester, and Rockport are our main ports of call. Every year it is a religious experience. Every year, I return from there, full.
  4. Buying a house! That’s right! Husbern and I begin the search tonight by giving a call to a local realtor’s office. We’re aiming to be moved in by October. Our little two bedroom just isn’t big enough for both of use any more–I need an office, and we both need to not be on the THIRD FLOOR any more. After three years of carrying groceries and laundry up and down three floors, I’m about ready for a single-level home : p
  5. Having my own office. One might think that, with a laptop, you don’t really need an office. Or at least, I told myself that when I basically let my husband turn “our” office into his man-cave. Now I know better, since all my officey things are scattered all over apartment for lack of a specific place where they belong. In our new house, I’ll have a space of my own. I’ve had visions of it–a longish room, like a bedroom with the closet wall removed. It’s in a corner of the house, a window on either side of the corner. I have my desk and filing cabinet and bookshelves on one side, and at the end with the windows I have a comfy chair set up for meditation. The opposite wall, buy the desk, is painted with chalkboard paint, so I can brainstorm big, all over the wall. *sighs with pleasure* I’m not sure what color the other walls are–something light. Maybe a sky blue.
  6. Having our own washer and dryer. Again with the house. But seriously, carting laundry around or waiting for other people in the building to be done with the machine? Not cool. So much time is wasted waiting for laundry to be done. Having our own machines means no lugging it around the city, no keeping quarters on hand, and hey, if we’re investing, I think I’ll get one of those washer’s with a steam option. Yeah. And it’s gonna be blue.
  7. My next book release… The Hierophant (Book I in the ARCANA trilogy) revisions are coming along nicely, and I’ve even got a fantabulous editor lined up for the job (Hi Jenn!!!). This book… well, it’s nothing at all like The Poppet and the Lune, but it is so. Much. Fun. It’s epic, it’s modern, it’s dark, it’s funny, and there is the swooniest of forbidden romances in it. I drew from my background in anthropology for this one, so are a lot of historical and cultural references that make it all work. I’m so, so proud of it. I’m a bit ashamed to call it “YA paranormal romance,” considering some of the less-than-stellar titles associated with that genre, so I think I’m going to dress up the genre and call it “The Thinking Person’s YA Paranormal Romance.” Jk, jk. ; ) I’m aiming for an early October release date.
  8. Dog! My parents are finally looking at getting another dog! Our old dog, Zelda, passed away over seven years ago, so it’s about damn time. I know it’s not my dog, but since I still live in the area I see them frequently enough that I’d get to enjoy its company too. In case you didn’t know, I’m one of those people who would much rather have a lot of pets than any kids. I love animals, and pretty much all animals love me. Once we’re settled into our house, we’re going to see about getting a dog next spring… until then, my parents’ new pup will have to suffice.
  9. Writing retreat! My awesome writer friends and I have access to a sweet vacation spot near Lake Ontario, so we’re taking a weekend in July to go on a mini retreat where we can focus on NOTHING BUT WRITING XD This makes me so happy I can hardly stand it (especially as I’m writing this from my cubicle at work). And when our eyes begin to bleed from staring at the screen for too long, there is a beautiful Great Lake outside for us to stroll along, and contemplate…
  10. Choosing paint! This goes with buying a house, but still. When it’s time to nest, it’s time to nest! I love picking out paint. The only thing I hate is deciding, lol. I love all colors, bolds, pastels, warm, cool. And should the whole house sort of go together? Or can each room be its own entity? Hmmm… I’m excited to figure these things out.

So, okay, I could probably make a list of 20 things I’m looking forward to about buying a house alone, but still. All of this. Plus more, things I can’t yet speak about… things that I just know are coming. Good things.

Alright! Back to work, all pumped up and excited about everything not having to do with being at work! Woot!

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