Heh. Heh.

Rob Brezsney says this is my horoscope this week:

You’re an animal! And I mean that in the best senses of the word. Your vitality is heading toward peak levels, and your body is as smart as it gets. If you were ever going to act as if every move you make is a dance, now would be the time to do it. If you ever wanted to explore the righteous blending of grace and power, this is a perfect moment. Give yourself permission to be a fluid bolt of ingenious fun, Taurus. Play hard and sweet, with sublime ferocity.

Hee hee. I like that.

In TPaL News: I should have my first proof copy on Friday. FRIDAY! :D Also I swear to you that I will probably have the book trailer finished tonight and up tomorrow afternoon PROVIDED I can remember how to get a video file from my computer, to the interwebz. Also, there will be a downloadable sample of the novel. HEEEEEE

I’m so excited I feel like exploding XD

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