Delivery Failure

I have failed you. I promised a book trailer, and I have not got one to give you today :( I don’t know if I’ll have one tomorrow, either. I spent ALL WEEKEND formatting The Poppet and the Lune for several kinds of ebook and again for print (it ended up being a little over 360 pages!), and then put together the cover template (which, frustratingly, didn’t meet the print standards so has to be re-worked tonight after work).

I had a grand idea for what I wanted my book trailer to be, and it should have been SO SIMPLE to do, but for the mysteries of Final Cut refusing to let me do simple fade-ins and fade-outs, for no apparent reason. So.


No use crying over it, I’ll make SOMETHING happen, and at the very least I’ve got the words I want to use and permission to use the music I want. So there is that.

Also, the final cover template for front/spine/back? FREAKING AWESOME if I do say so myself. ;D Just needs some slight adjustments for printing, then I can order the proof.

15 DAYS!

2 thoughts on “Delivery Failure

  1. Emilie says:

    Amazing article, I am browsing back again frequently to look for fresh news.

  2. Kopfhoerer says:

    A cobbler should stick to his last.

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