Shiny newness!

Welcome all to my new official website:! Yay! You might notice it looks a lot like my blog. In fact, it now *is* my blog. My awesome brother helped me set it up, and I’m hoping to make some improvements over the week to flesh out the site and give it some personality.

In other news, I’ve got two covers designed and almost ready for your final vote. The lovely and amazing Sarah E. Diemer showed me the excellence that is Flickr‘s photo editing program, and I pretty much took that cover from here (*down low*) to here (*up high*). Yeah baby! You will see the outcome soon ;D After that, I’ll still need to develop a template cover for the print version, but I think that will be a bit quicker to do.

In other funny news, my long-lost half-brother (Sierra Colt) apparently wrote a book on how to make lots of money as a tattoo artist! I sense this is something that runs in the family, “this” being an entreprneur/writer thing. I’ve got good genes, what can I say? Anyway, I read most of it yesterday while I was at the ‘rents, and there’s a lot of good info in there, for artists of all kinds. And for once, it didn’t make me feel dirty to read something that encouraged me to pimp myself. (Hello World, buy a piece of my imagination, won’t you?)

That is all for today. Tomorrow, expect book covers!

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